Shipping & Returns


HAZARDOUS MATERIALS:  The US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates the shipping of materials which it considers to be hazardous. The DOT regulations set standards for the maximum allowable quantity of hazardous materials which can be shipped in a single container, and standards for the containers themselves. All carriers, including UPS, FED EX, and trucking companies must comply with the current DOT requirements, but have the option of being more stringent, or more restrictive than the DOT, and many of them do so. All carriers have a “Hazardous Surcharge” on each hazardous substance container. This surcharge is included in your shipping charges.

NCL ships all hazardous materials in accordance with DOT regulations and the requirements of the carrier. We also ship each order by the most economical carrier for each order.

HM denotes a material considered hazardous by the DOT.

Please note that these classifications can change at any time. If you need up-to-the-minute information, please inquire when placing your order.

DAMAGED GOODS:  We ship your orders by common carriers, who assume the responsibility of safe delivery to you. We highly recommend that you open all packages in the presence of the driver, before you sign for them, especially if there is visible damage. Failure to do so may limit your rights if damage is found later.

If damage occurs, make notations of the damages on the Bill of Lading before the truck driver leaves. Otherwise, any liability for damage falls back on you, the customer. If the merchandise is being delivered by UPS or FedEx, any visible damage should be brought to the attention of the driver. If the damage is slight, open the package in the presence of the driver. If the damage is severe, or if the driver refuses to allow you to open the package pending acceptance, reject the package. In all cases, notify NCL immediately.


RETURN POLICY:  Non-catalog items are not returnable for any reason. Used items are not returnable for any reason. No returns will be accepted unless NCL is notified within 10 days of the receipt of your order. No returned merchandise will be accepted without prior authorization. There is a 20% restocking charge on all returned merchandise unless it is the result of a shipping error.