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CP-338 - Styrofoam Shipper for Gallon Round Bottle (CP338)


Styrofoam shipper for round gallon cider jug bottle

Inside dimension:6¼” D x 12⅜” H
Outside dimention:10” x 10” x 15⅛”
From $12.25

CP-344 - Styrofoam Shipper for ½ Pint Round Bottle (CP344)


Styrofoam shipper for half-pint Boston round bottle

Inside dimension:2⅜” D x 5⅝” H
Outside dimention:4” x 4” x 7”
From $1.90

CP-358 - Styrofoam Shipper for 500 ml Bottle (CP358)


Styrofoam shipper for 500 ml bottle

Inside dimension:3” D x 7⅝” H
Outside dimention:4¾” x 4¾” x 10”
From $3.45

CP-359 - Styrofoam Shipper for 2.5 Liter Bottle (CP359)


Styrofoam shipper for 2.5 liter/80 oz jug and Boston round bottle

Inside dimension:5⅜” D x 12¾” H
Outside dimention:6⅞” x 6⅞” x 14¼”
From $5.30

CP-361 - Styrofoam Shipper for Pint Round Bottle (CP361)


Styrofoam shipper for 1-pint Boston round bottle

Inside dimension:3¼” D x 7½” H
Outside dimention:4½” x 4¾” x 9¼”
From $3.45

CP-380 - Styrofoam Shipper for 4 Liter Round Bottle (CP380)


Styrofoam shipper for 1-gallon/4-liter pharmaceutical round bottle

Inside dimension:6¼” D x 13⅝” H
Outside dimention:9¼” x 9¼” x 13½”
From $12.00

CP-393 - Styrofoam Shipper for Quart Round Bottle (CP393)


Styrofoam shipper for 1-quart/1-liter Boston round and some wide-mouth quart bottles

Inside dimension:3⅞” D x 9” H
Outside dimention:5¾” x 5½” x 10½”
From $5.35

CS(300/cs) - CP-369 - Styrofoam 10-Slide Mailer (CP369)

Styrofoam 10-slot slide mailer

CS(300/cs) - CP-370 - Overpack for Styrofoam 10-Slide Mailer (CP370)

Overpack for styrofoam 10-slot slide mailer, CP-369