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The Protector Premiere Laboratory Hood is Labconco’s most popular chemical fume hood and has the widest selection of models and options. The one-piece fiberglass lining resists both acids and organic solvents, making this 4-foot hood ideal as an individual work station for a wide variety of laboratory applications.

Sized to fit on standard lab casework to make installation easy. Select from Protector Base Cabinets and Work Surfaces, or mount on existing lab casework. The Protector Premiere Hood is designed to fit on casework with a minimum of aisle overhang.

Fume Hood

Bright working area is achieved with energy-saving fluorescent lights combined with the soft white surface layer of the gel-coated fiberglass liner. Explosion-proof models are supplied with an incandescent light.

Factory-wired lights and blower switches speed installation of standard non-explosion-proof models. Two rocker switches, located within easy reach of the operator, control both the internal lights and blower.

One-piece molded fiberglass liner gives superior corrosion and chemical resistance, durability and light reflectivity. Its covered corners make cleaning easy because seams and cracks where contaminants can collect are nonexistent. For added flexibility, the liner is pre-drilled and plugged for eight service fixtures.

Vertical-rising tempered safety glass sash protects the operator while providing excellent visibility. Fixture panels are factory-prepared for sash stop.

Generous interior is enhanced because the molded liner is alcoved on the sides to provide maximum working space.

Frosted glass shield provides a vapor-proof seal between lights and inside of fume hood without compromising hood illumination.

Built-in by-pass system above the front panel and below the sash reduces face velocity fluctuations when sash is lowered, assuring containment and efficient fume removal.

Aerodynamic sash opening directs air flow into the hood with minimum turbulence to assure fume containment.

Preset baffle requires no adjustment, ensuring safe and rapid fume removal and uniform face velocity.

Fixture panels and side panels can be quickly and easily removed to provide convenient access to service fixtures from the front of the hood and eliminate the need for interior access panels.

Duplex electrical receptacles can be purchased as an accessory. Right- and left-fixture panels are factory-prepared for four duplex receptacles.

Exhaust connection with bell-shaped entry cone reduces static pressure loss to ensure smooth, efficient air flow. The integral condensation collection ring prevents condensed vapors in the ductwork from entering the work area and channels them to a drain or collection container via the rubber tubing supplied.


Options available:

  • Air flow monitor
  • Electrical receptacles
  • Cup sink
  • Cold water fixture
  • Gas/vacuum/air fittings
  • Integral or remote blower
  • Auxiliary make-up air


Many other sizes and types of fume hoods are available.
Please call us with your requirements for a quotation.

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Fume Hoods

Chemical fume hood with one-piece fiberglass lining that resists both acids and organic solvents. This 4-foot hood is ideal as an individual work station for a wide variety of laboratory applications.